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Poster: ammanmadan Date: May 1, 2014 4:59am
Forum: universallibrary Subject: Changing metadata of 200+ documents

I am writing on behalf of the Indian NGO Eklavya Some 200+ issues of the Eklavya publications "Chakmak" and "Sandarbh" were scanned and uploaded by the Indian government through the Million Books Project. However, the metadata has mis-spelt the names of the publications (e.g. Chakamaka instead of Chakmak, mis-spelt month names, etc.) Here are examples:

Perhaps this was because of OCR from the original Hindi into Roman characters. The present predicament, though, is that searchers are unable to find these issues through putting in the correct spelling in the search box.
Eklavya did not upload these so we do not have permission to edit the metadata ourselves.
Could you please advise how we can correct the metadata?
best wishes
Amman Madan